Rumbles and Grumbles

For once, I am not going to talk about myself. With shocked expressions, you ask ‘But this is a blog about you?’ I don’t know why, but this hasn’t effected me. Maybe I gave in. Unlikely. Maybe I don’t care. Also unlikely. Maybe anger protects me. Possible. Maybe I don’t know. Very likely 🙂

Within the fire, anger rules. If there is a storm, you ignore all others in pursuit of your happiness, a variant of the usual rule. You should always be careful, for I have found not only pride comes before the fall, but happiness as well. Maybe I am just a cynic.

Build 3 shields, gold, silver and purple. Purple protects you from feelings, and the mental actions of others. Silver protects you physically from others. Gold protects you from magic.

I CCed one of these blogs to facebook, and recieved no comments. I did this so that one may read it, for I am not stalkerish enough to check who reads and who does not read it. I know one, who is very close does. Others? Who knows.

I am going to leave now with a message, be happy, but never leave yourself completly open or you will get hurt. You will, just as I will, but I hope you get though it ok. And sorry to the one I know was hurt by the actions here yesterday, although I may not say it to you. And have fun Kat – as you go Germany today 🙂


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  1. Robert says:

    You said someone always cares.

    That is not the only reason, sometimes it is the easy way out – ‘This is a difficult life I am going though’.

    And sometimes, certain people caring is more important than others caring. In hate, you destroy love, and can destroy someone’s soul.

    The spirits know the actions we cause and no-one escapes the consequences of their actions.

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