Hehe 🙂 Me, Sarah 2 and Dan, on Sarah’s last day here, wanted to go swimming. Both Sarah and Dan were late. So we didn’t have time to go Colchester, as originally planned, and warrior square had shut. We decided, where was it likely to have a late-night swimming pool? London!

So, holding a GroupSave3 Ticket, we got abroad a train to London. Arriving in London, we got on the circle line, and had on the train found a pool we wanted to head to. We also discussed who Sarah would marry, and how people would having sex in my book. Dan got very interested 😉 While routing our route we went down in a tunnel, and I advised the group next station we would need to head back for me to get a signal. Then my train advised me it would die, so I stopped the app, and decided in my head where we would go. We got off the tube, and then got on the tube going the other way. The next station looked kind of familiar?
So, from Stratford (again), we headed the DLR, and due to Sarah and Dan’s refusal to run, we missed the train. We got on the next one, after lots of compliants of Cold and ended up in Shadwell, where we wandered around and somehow found the pool. Which was shut…

So, back to the DLR, this time to Bank, and then Sarah expressed a wish to go on the Waterloo and City line. We ran for the train, and found the sign had lied, we had a good 5 minutes before last train, and got on, and someone suggested it would be nice to have sex on, as we had the carrage to ourselves. On arrival at Waterloo, Dan said he needed the loo, and we decided to show him St Pancras. After a toilet break later, we went Oxford Circus to eat. Two bottles of wine, and a meal later, we arrived in Camden, Dan wanted a pub. We chatted to a nice american, before heading home,with a pub stop at Stratford.

A very … random … day:)

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2 Responses to London!

  1. serahol says:

    nom nom nom, now i can comment, yay!
    lmao loved that day
    though i correct you, you wanted a pub not dan!! stop making him look like an alcoholic you!!!!!!!

  2. Robert says:

    It was a fun day 🙂 And it is so much more fun making him look like an alcoholic lol 😀 xxx

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