We do what we must because we can…


This is going to be a ramble, so don’t expect things to link from one section to another particularly.

Sometimes, I do what I do, because I do think it is right. In fact, I would go as far as say that with most of what I do; I have good intentions. I think about myself at times, but that isn’t all I am doing, I don’t think anyway.

I sometimes wish people would be more honest – not lie in an attempt to be nice. Sometimes things are binary, one or another, and while I don’t care if you sugar-coat things, don’t lie to try and be nice. Evidence suggests I am right, you can either disprove it with personal views, or accept that you can’t prove I am wrong.

Everything goes away, I could fade away too easily. I am (or can be) reliable, but this can be to my disadvantage, for some reason over time I have been replaced, for some reason I am not needed in the forefront, so if I am not there I am easy to replace.


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