True Talent…

People do have talent within sports or activities. However, talent with people is a little different. If you are playing a sport with someone who is competitive, and you care for them, but are much better than them –> Do you really want to crush them with your superior skill? I don’t think so, so what do you do?
You let them win. But. What if they suspect what you are doing? This is where you need a real talent:

You need to have enough talent to play badly. It is easy to play very bad or your best, but very bad and they will work it out, your best and you will win. You need to play in a way that is believable you are playing as such, but is not good enough to win (or you will only just win).

You need to have compassion, to want to be ‘nice’. If it is a partner, I can see why you would help them, but in a friendly match against a friend, who has been playing bad, do you make them feel a little better?

You need to have wisdom, to know when to do good and when to do bad, and when being ‘nice’ will help the person, and when it won’t. All three come together to give you a talent here.

Just something to think about 🙂


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