Sherlock (S2E03)

Hello all,

This is going to be basically a place where I knock around theories about how Sherlock survived his death. I don’t think I am going to guess it, Moffit’s comments make me think that it is not going to be possible to tell how it was done unless you play it back, frame by frame, zoomed in – however I want somewhere to say – ‘I called that!’ if any of my ideas are right (I am sure some clever sod has already considered these – you will have to take me on my word these are my own ideas):

  • There is a new wound or similar on Sherlock’s neck, a red spot about half a centimetre which appeared to be more darker at the end (could just be the lighting). I couldn’t spot it earlier in the episode, and on the roof top, it was there but not as red.
  • I don’t think he did anything in the air. He either didn’t fall, or fell but survived.

More to come maybe


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