I remember… (2)


There was a time. Back when I was young and innocent. I was dating a girl called Sarah, Sarah 3. It had turned out that I had information she had cheated on me while I was in Belgium. I had a friend called Steve…

So it was break time. Me and Steve had a plan to confront Sarah. It went like this:
Steve: Robert?
Me: Yeah?
Steve: Did you know Sarah is cheating on you?
Me: Oh really? *looks interested*
Steve: Yeah.
Me: Sarah?
Sarah: OMG, I never, honestly, oh, I love you, I never!
*Sarah huddles into Robert*
<Break ends>
Sarah: Ok, so I did, but I wrote a letter, I am so sorry!

I basically say she lied, so I couldn’t trust her, so that was that.


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