I remember… (1)


So this is the first in what is likely to be many posts where I recall a memory from the past. Some will be accurate depictions of events, others will have names or places changed where it is needed to keep certain things secret.

I had a friend, called Tomas. This wasn’t his real name, but it was the name that everyone in the UK knew him as. I met him via a game, which was called Face of Mankind. We got talking off the game, and then eventually met in real life, him coming to the UK. We got on even better than we had online, and a beautiful friendship started.

Further down the line, then there was a point. There was a girl, there always is. This one is known as Anya. She went out with Tom, and they were happy, for a while. But then, as time went on, they became less happy, there were Russians, and Dans, and all sorts. I remember one time, when Tom came to the UK, last minute notice to see Anya, to try and stop their relationship falling apart.

I have learnt a lot from Tom…


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