Something is missing


Things are going well, for the most part. Need to move out, not just because I can’t afford the rent, but because this place has too many memories. It was mine and Abi’s place, now not only is there no me and Abi, but she has gone, and I need to leave as well. But I am making reasonable progress in finding somewhere new to live.

However, the other problem is not so easy to solve. I miss having someone in my life who makes me feel special. I think I am useful to some people, but that is it, there is always those who cheer them up better, those with bigger muscles, those who are better looking, and so on. It is important to note that while I am giving examples of people to people, then this is not because of ‘feelings’ for any of the people, for the most part there is not really anyone who I like like, there are a few old flames around, but nothing I think will ever go anywhere, and no-one I am currently infatuated with. Maybe that is part of the problem, but I feel that while I would do almost anything for some people, then sometimes they won’t do the same back. I should make it clear this is not a failing on their behalf, I just am willing to do too much. It would just be nice if someone made me feel special, if it was I they couldn’t wait to talk to, I wasn’t just the one who was there.



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