Private space in a public place


Do not expect this blog post to make sense. It is going to be rambles, for sure. But here is the one place left other than facebook, and facebook is not suited for this, nor do I wish to annoy certain people.

There is only one reason stopping me leaving right now. It would be better in the long run, for me at least, most certainly. But if I left, she would know something is up. And I can not tell her right now. I remember what I said to Shell, which she agreed with.

Vampires. I remember when the last person who read this blog expressed interested in that area.

Careful. The wrong comment, at the wrong time, would reveal the truth. The diagram shows why, but different reasons could be guessed at. Someone to cuddle is always nice, and knowing you are unwanted, in the face of two people wanting each other – it is never nice. And seems to be common these days. But you are the one who shapes events, not he it seems.

Forever my job. I fix other peoples machines so that they can use them to talk / cam with other people. Sucks – I never get the benefits of the work I do for free 🙁

Meh. It is so hard, to both not burden someone who doesn’t need the extra weight, and resist the urge to do things I shouldn’t.

I remember the event last year. I was happy then.

Cuddle please?

Robert 🙁


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