Hello again,

I want to tell a story. There is a friend, who we will call Pandora. (To clarify, this is not the car that I am talking about!). She was with a guy, who will we call Michael. In a train station, she ODed on paracetamol. On my advice and urging, as I was miles away, Michael took Pandora to A&E, and with a bit of help she was fine.

Another events, using the same names (to refer to different people), then Pandora overdosed, Michael as soon as he found out took her to A&E. Another time, she feel unconscious for any unknown reason, he phoned an ambulance, made sure she was ok. He tells me he is not sure if she would do the same for him, if he did the same now. There is nothing I can do to tell, for only she can help him right now. I don’t want to lose him however.

Life is never easy,


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