Evening all,

In the past, I have noticed that I sometimes can be unnoticed. This is both useful at times, and saddening at others. An example is that, maybe sometimes I have avoiding paying tram fare, as the conductor just seems to not notice me. In others times, it can be a right bitch, for instance when a group of friends doesn’t notice that you are not there.

Ethics. A tricky issue. There is a thin line between what you are allowed to do, and what you are not allowed to do. However, it is not a fixed point. I have broken my own morals before, to help either myself, or to help others, or both. Where should that line be drawn? I have even broken the law, not to mention my morals, to make someone slightly happier, although I wish the reasons for them being happy were different.Yet, in return, I ask something that has been given before, under similar if not the same circumstances, and it is denied. And my efforts, for both selfish and selfless reasons in fact, will have been for nothing as the person just went behind my back. I think, what I asked, if I knew the situation, if I had have been in the third parties shoes, I would have been ok with it. Yet, one, the third party is a prick (mostly objective opinion), and he has no idea of the situation. However, the person would be happy with me out the way, hence why they are a prick. But I get off topic. Short term is just as important as long term, I think. However, if there is no-one who can help, what am I to do?

What can I do?


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