I am better off now, something I said, meant for you…

To fix something that has been broken for a while, I wanted something. Although I did not realise it at the time, that was one of the things I wanted. She was also good looking, and a great person, which are more primary aspects, but in our subconscience, we know what is wrong with us, and sometimes try to fix that.

She was right. She is not the one, but for different reasons.

To completly trust someone, they must be completly honest with you. If they lie, and you find out, then you will not be able to completly trust them. That is one of the reasons why.

“No you don’t need a doctor, noone else can heal your soul”. While a ‘Doctor’ could help, then I know what I need now. If it is fair or not is for us to decide. Those who want to help will, just because you didn’t think so. I think I understand a way now, for me to merge what I was before with what I am now, and come out with the good parts. I understand I can not do everything, for some my theorm would not work, for 1 of the 3 elements would be missing. She who has hurt me a lot, it is not her fault. It is not even the midgets fault 😛 (Only CJCs might understand that :P)

Society did this. One can change it.

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