Before I begin, I know that calling this post untitled is in fact, titling it, making it not-untitled. It is an oxymoron, and has a few meanings.
So, without further ado, hello there! How are my devoted readers? I don’t *think* anyone reads this any more, most of my hits come from Google bot (<3), and despite wishing to implement a system years ago, that would allow me to view more than just today’s hits, I have as of yet, not. However – I have had almost 10,000 hits since I installed the mod – so all good!

Someone, who I care about, I guess, is making more and more wishes. Not the best word, not even the right word, but the best word I can think of. Not unlike some of my poems, dreaming about the past, she posts the same. More poetic, yet prose, better said, yet more cryptic, hiding her thoughts, but the same.

Distance is a killer. I have ever been prepared to travel, back from when I was a wee little lad of the age of the 13, wanting to travel up to Leicester, to now, a not so wee lad, previously having a beard, wanting to drive to see people – yet I am not wanting there. I crave the thrill of the instantaneousness (long word! :p) to a degree, I offer, and would actually enjoy someone asking me to come to them quickly, and then me doing just that, dropping everything. However much you plan for something, then it is a freeing feeling to be able to drop everything when you need to. Yet, I am not wanted to be seen, I do not know why. Promises, forgotten, lies said to comfort a hurt soul. You are not paranoid if you are right.

Lastly, I am not sure what to do. I worked out why, things got better, and now worse again. One things remains constant. Our the days numbered?

Now, I just noticed that the lights have started to go out, not sure why – but a sign I need to head home maybe?


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