A fountain of single tears

Life moves on, as it will, and my departure from here is not as cheery as one might of hoped. I have less to blog about when happy, however events still happen as they will.

Firestorms rage, and no matter what you say, you will never be able to get that balance exactly right. The mad quest before has turned into what she said it would, but is that all because of me? I have somehow accidentally shut Christina out of my life, and I fear that is not something I will be able to reverse. The Gods know how.

On other topics, although all one and the same in terms of life, then I remember a time I posted a song lyric. One of the ones when I feel upset, as opposed to worried. Tammie ‘disliked’ it when I posted it on facebook, yet I can relate to, and feel it. Maybe that in itself explains somethings. Why can I not just let go sometimes? Is this really so important? Your answers may be different to mine, but I guess that I am right with mine, for me. It all depends on the circumstances.

Birmingham airport. During the 6 days working with Standby and Standby Phil (who seems to like me now, confusing old men!). During one of my lunch breaks, I remember signing some lyrics to myself under my breath, as I ate lunch alone. I then decided to wander abit, explore and what not. I found Birmingham airport, by means of the airrail connection thing. A simple, new, thing like that made me happy, and got me though. Funny how much the little things count.

Feeling a little better over the event that caused this, I depart.

But I will return soon, to discuss others unhappiness if not my own.


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