Memories… (2)

There was a day. I was out with Sarah (1) and Kurt, when she was still dating him.

We were by blockbusters, and we were talking about a visit to an STI clinic. Although I didn’t really need a visit, then I went with them, and the women asked if I had a girlfriend. When I replied no, she said she was sorry for assuming if I was straight, and said did I have a partner, to which I also answered no. She asked Kurt if he liked boys or girls. Later – we were outside a pizza place and due to me, without me saying anything, they thought I was dating Sarah and he was my brother.

Back at blockbusters, she defending him when I joked about the visit and if Kurt was gay or not. She strongly defended him. At the point, I just realised how much more important to her he was.

It is the same now, the same always. Everyone ALWAYS values their boyfriend more than me – I want someone to value me more than anyone.

Cuddle anyone?


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