Waking from a dream of love…


I had a dream. Not a dream of great potential, not a dream of great significance, but a dream of happiness for me.

There was two friends with me, in my room. While I know who they are, I won’t say for their privacy. I was lying on my bed, one was by the foot of my bed, the other on the other side of the room. The one by the foot of the bed, we will call her Sam, was upset andĀ  said she thought she had hardly any friends. I reassured her she did not, and during the debate, she moved up to near the head, and I simply held her hand as reassurance. I asked if she wanted to come into bed and hug, and she did.

I wake up.

As I said, not the world’s greatest dream. I just had a bittersweet feel, I was reassuring her and making me happy, but she was doing the same, by just hugging me in bed, without realising it. Something, that has happenedĀ  to infrequently.

The people here are adverse to too much physical contact, I am not. The physical contact banishs the feeling of me being unwanted.

I was happy, and did not want to wake up. Is this so much to ask for in real life?

~ Robert

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