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Location, location, location…

Hello there, I am currently browsing the internet at Nottingham station, connected to the free wireless they provided, the network name being ‘Moovbox’. WordPress (the software that runs this blog) thinks I am in Slough (:|) and the speedtester thought … Continue reading

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Train of thought…

Hello, So I am writing this, sitting in St Pancras station. I am currently trying, unsucessfully to buy a coach ticket to get back to Nottingham, after missing my train, by a minute. A minute! Literally! So money is low, … Continue reading

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Waking from a dream of love…

Hello, I had a dream. Not a dream of great potential, not a dream of great significance, but a dream of happiness for me. There was two friends with me, in my room. While I know who they are, I … Continue reading

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The names we are called…

Morning, And in one moment, looking at one small things brings it all back. Jealous of something I don’t want… well, I do want, but not in that instance. Time will tell…

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Hope, Mirrors and Cars

Hello, My blog has returned! Isn’t everyone excited? University has finished now, I managed to pass the year with an average of 58%, so not fantastic, but it was first year, and I know why I got such a low … Continue reading

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Blog ahoy!

Good day, Sorry for the recent downtime to the blog, this was caused by a redirection loop error, and while I have still not identified the cause, I have created another solution to the issue that caused me to (accidently) … Continue reading

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